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The Unified R&D Agenda (URDA) is a comprehensive listing of the research goals, thrusts, themes and priorities which serve as a guide in proposing and implementing R&D activities in the University.  It is anchored on the provincial, regional and national R&D agenda and on the global goals for sustainable development.  It is drafted in a highly participatory process taking into consideration the expertise and resources of the University, and the pressing problems and issues besetting the immediate service area.  The University partners and stakeholders were also consulted in crafting of these documents through a survey facilitated by the Research and Development Services Unit.


For 2020-2024, the major issues and problems that the University aims to address are the following:  poverty, malnutrition, insurgency, low agricultural productivity, natural disasters, need for accessible and inclusive quality education, and degradation of environments (terrestrial and aquatic). 


   A total of 40 extension papers and 17 externally funded research papers were presented during the 2022 UEP Research, Extension, and Innovation Scientific Conference. On the first day of the conference, lectures and workshops were done for IP Awareness and Patent Search and Information.

   Research Director Rogelio Banagbanag in his closing remarks reminded the RDE community that the University grants Incentives for Resource Generation (IRG) to researchers who generated funding from external funding agencies. The incentives can be claimed by the Program or project Leader only once for the entire duration of an externally funded R & D Program or Project. If the project generated an amount of Php1.0 million to Php2.0 million, the project leader will receive Php10,000.00 incentives. For amounts generated from Php2.1 million to Php4.0 million and above Php4.0 million will receive an amount of, Php15,000.00 and Php20,000.00, respectively. Once again, congratulations to our active extensionists and researchers!


    A total of 51 research proposals were presented during the 2021 In-House R&D Review of Research Proposals for 2022 Implementation. The researches presented were anchored to the university's R&D agenda: food security and poverty reduction, health and well-being, environmental sustainability, inclusive economic growth and quality education, disaster risk management and reduction of climate change impacts, peaceful and inclusive societies, development of resilient infrastructures and quick response innovations during epidemics and natural disasters. The In-House Review was conducted last December 2, 2021 via Zoom Conference.


      DOST Region VIII, DOST - Northern Samar, and the RDE Unit of UEP conducted an orientation on the Science 4 Change Program (S4CP). This program of DOST was created to accelerate STI in the country to keep up with the developments in our time wherein technology and innovation are game-changers. Through the Science for Change Program (S4CP), the DOST can significantly accelerate STI in the country and create a massive increase in investment in S&T Human Resource Development and R&D. The four programs of the S4CP include the NICER, RDLead, CRADLE, and BSIT. The orientation was conducted last December 1, 2021 via Zoom Conference.


Gerry A. Camer, Marissa Alejandra, Miguel Amor, Hiroshi Satoh, Yasukazu Muramatsu, Hiroshi Ueno, and Chicharu Morita

Katharine Roque, Gyeong-Dong Lim, Ji-Hoo Jo, Kyung-Min Shin, Eun-Seob Song, Ravi Gautam, Chang-Yul Kim, Kyungsuk Lee, Seungwon Shin, Hang-Sang Yoo, Yong Heo, and Hyoung-Ah Kim

Celeste Chan and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Rosemarie Elloisa P. Acero, Camille Ann F. Sapico,
Karina Milagros R. Cui-Lim, and Evangeline C. Amor

Karina Milagros Cui-Lim, Maria Celeste Tria, Roderick Pernites, Christina Binag, and Rigoberto Advincula

Manuela Cecille Vicencio, Karina Milagros Cui-Lim, and Flyndon Mark Dagalea

Tia Mare Ebdane

Elchin R Juanico and Abel Alejandro U Flores Jr 

Ronelie Salvador and Augusto Serrano

Rem Laodeño, Hideo Nishino, and Kenichi Yoshida

Korina Legaspi

Karina Milagros R. Cui-Lim, Flyndon Mark Dagalea,

Nelia M. Adora, and Cherry I. Ultra



University RnD Manual (2020 version)

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